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Performers aren't the only ones with an important job in the theatre. Those who work backstage are just as important, and may need additional support! View below for some technical resources Theatrical Pathways offers. If we can't currently provide resources, we'll be sure to refer you to someone who can!

Theater Advice, Theatrial Pathways LLC

Production Advising

Sometimes you just need a little extra support while producing/directing your theatre's upcoming production. You can now hire Theatrical Pathways for general advising! We can help advise you on troubleshooting and problem-solving in any aspect of your production. We're here for you, in person or online!

Price: $250-$350 (Online Jr-Full Shows)

    $500-$1000 (In Person Jr-Full Shows)


Stage Management

Looking to provide your stage managers more support and training? Theatrical Pathways offers a masterclass in stage management covering topics like note-taking tips, how to write and call cues, etc. Class is offered in person or online.

Price: $100 per hour class

*Additional travel expenses may apply for in person classes*

Light Lab, Scenic and Design, Theatrical Pathways LLC

Matt Kizer:
Scenic and Lighting Design

While Theatrical Pathways does not currently offer lighting resources, Matt Kizer offers virtual labs and educational tools for lighting, scenery, and projections.

Click here to see more!

Interested in one of our backstage pathways? Contact us via email, phone, or our contact form to disucss details! We are excited to work with you!

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